Siege Basics
The object of the game is to destroy the opposite team's Base Core. The game is based around collecting 'RU', or 'Resource Units'. You gain RU from killing enemies; attacking enemy build’s; attacking the enemy Core; or receiving it from other players. The RU system has 2 parts; your RU, and TeamRU. The TeamRU is the maximum RU each player can hold. Building containers will increase the TeamRU by 50 units for each container and allow each player to hold more RU.

The Constructor
Building in Siege is done with a Constructor and looks like a Translocator weapon (Press ZERO to display the Constructor). The build menu with be displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen. Press the right mouse button (Alt-Fire) to change to the next item, and the left mouse button (Fire) to select (or build) the item displayed. The builds are arranged by Category and Item in the Constructor. See the Siege Build Table below for details.

Team builds and team players can be upgraded. Each build displays the cost of the next upgrade. Upgrading a player will pass 100 units to the player from your RU (or whatever you have left). Each time you upgrade a build the Strength (ability to be destroyed), Range (distance of effect) and Accuracy will increase. Upgrading builds will also make them harder to destroy and will recover from enemy attack faster.

If you see someone jumping up and down in one spot saying "Up Me", that means they want you to upgrade them (pass them RU). Combining RU to accomplish builds is a good tactic. Feel free to ask why if it isn't obvious.

The Repair option will increase a player’s health or a build. Containers repair automatically, and also repair any builds close to them depending on the Upgrade Level (CONTAINERS DON’T REPAIR THE CORE). Repairing a player costs 4 RU for each 40 units of repair, so repair players OFTEN. Repair the Core to avoid losing the match! The Core can not be repaired if the match goes into overtime. So watch the remaining time (F1).

You can remove anything you build and some items other players build (NOT Recommended). When you remove a build you recover HALF of the cost of the build. So plan your builds wisely. Removing someone else’s build will result in a BAN and also piss off your team. So don’t do it.


You can ask them to remove it stating the reason why you think it should be removed, but it’s up to the player who built the item to remove it. Unless it blocks access or is clearly in enemy territory or too close to the Supplier. If the player is no longer available, announce your intentions to your team before proceeding.

If an enemy kills you, you will lose 10 RU. If you suicide or die from any of the adverse elements of the map (lava, slime, falling, etc.) it will cost you 50 RU.

Siege Strategy
At the start of each match, the map is littered with randomly placed crystals. White dots in siege 2G Maps (25 RU each), Teal Crystals (50 RU each) in Siege Maps. When the match starts, pick up the crystals. If you try to pick up more RU than you can hold, it will be wasted. Only get as much as you can hold (TeamRU). Each player will accumulate RU just for staying alive, depending on the Level of the Core.

At the start of each match it's a good policy to combine RU (Upgrade Teammates) to accomplish the required builds. The sooner you have Defenses built, the safer your base will be.

Siege Priorities: Build Supplier; Upgrade the Core; Attack the Enemy; Fortify and Defend the CORE

Build Supplier
(and upgrade)
Your first priority is to build a Weapon Supplier. Combine your RU with another player to build a Supplier if necessary. Usually only one is needed but you can build more. Only the first supplier built will have immunity; which means it will not take any damage or pay out any RU to attackers. In 2g a match, the supplier only has immunity for 5 minutes. Each Upgrade Level will allow more weapons to be given from the supplier. So upgrade your supplier quickly. After a Super Supplier is built, the first Supplier’s immunity is removed and will take damage and pay out RU to attackers.

Upgrade the Core

Upgrading the core will allow each player to receive RU just for staying alive. The higher the Core Level, the faster each player will accumulate RU and the faster builds will recover from damage.

Attack the Enemy

Attacking the enemy is done by killing players and attacking their fortifications. Communication and team work is a key element to the attack. Talk to your team using TeamSay (usually R). Take a zone or an objective; announce it to your team, and ATTACK. Talk to players as fast as you can type and OFTEN. Ask questions and work together.

Fortify the Base and Defend the CORE

Building fortifications requires you to analyze each map, and determine the best places to build. Some basic guidelines for building fortifications:

Siege Builds


* Mine and Super Mine are in the Explosive’s category but are considered fortifications.

(all items are removed when you are killed)

Special Items:
(all items are removed when you are killed)

Weapons: (Weapons take damage and can be destroyed easily while building so build them in a safe spot)



(all Suits are removed when you are killed)

Item Strategy

Special Suits

Special Explosives

Siege Etiquette